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About Background Check API

Background Check API is one of the largest Background Screenning Record Providers on the internet since 2008, serving an interactive, robust & easy to implement Application Program Interface (API), maintained by

Background Check API is cross-platform RESTful API platform covering over 500 million of Background Screenning records collection including criminal, inmate, offender, mugshots, police/warrant Records.

This API is designed for instant access to the million of background check records repository in a single cross-platform RESTfull GET/POST call with XML/JSON. For more details, follow the API INPUT/OUTPUT MANUAL & BACKGROUNDCHECKAPI USAGE MANUAL.

The most interesting part of this API is - Background Check Data Operation & Research team is digging the web to collect most recent and old criminal, inmate, offender, mugshots, police/warrant Records to serve the best result set to the end user.

List of record type Available via API XML/JSON :
  Arrest Arrest Records    
  Who's in Jail  
Why Background Check?
Background Check & Personal Safety
Background Check for Offenders
Background Check Vs. Criminal
Background Check
  Inmates Lookup  
  Released Inmate Records  
  Offender Information  
  Police/ Warrant Records  
  People Sex-offender Database  
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