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Background Check API is the most reliable source of background screening records. A frequent automated update process ensures the reliability & availability of up-to-date records collection.


Background Check API is a Customized Solution Driven RESTful API Platform that ensures Minimal Development Time against cross platform application development for web & wide range of portable devices.


Background Check API considers all most critical aspects of data distribution process including criminal database & criminal records to provide a robust application development environment to the end-users.


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Why Background Check API?


01. A Cost Effective Solution for Small/Large Background Screening Business.

— Background Check API provides a low cost business solution with a Real-time transaction tracking dashboard that allows a transparent business model towards the subscription plans.

02. A Flexible Platform allows full access to wide range of devices.

Background Check API allows cross platform interactions between wide ranges of portable devices. Go live as you wish with your websites or mobile apps

03. Background Check API ensures Minimal Development Time.

— Go live with your own background screening business as quick as possible. Background Check API platform supports simple & well organized XML & JSON Output pattern that ensures minimal development time.

04. Wide range of Background Records Collection.

— Background check API is a collection of more than 500 million records permit multi-state, multi-option based searching model that ensures the accuracy of searching process. A frequent automated update process delivers up-to-date & reliable records.

05. 24x7 Fast Customer Service.

— Tell us your problem, we are here to solve it. Connect to the Dedicated Background Check API Support System for any queries whether it is technical or non-technical.

06. Easy to Understand & Descriptive Background Check API Media Kit.

— Background Check API provides a handy STEP-BY-STEP implementation guide to help your developers to Go Live within Few Hours.

07. Plan Your Business. We will lead you to Go Live.

— Not a developer or a technical person?
Don't worry! You just plan your business model and left the development part for us. We will lead the development for you and lead you to Go Live within a Minimal Time Span.

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